22 Uncomplicated Loving Acts Husbands Can Do Every Day

Content Team

In most marriages, the woman has the tough job of keeping it all together.

She champions the job of caring for the kids, cooking, cleaning and even works outside the home to support the family financially. This woman most times looks out for the interest of everyone in the family but herself.

Every woman deserves to be pampered, loved and spoilt. With this huge daily task of homemaking, your wife would heave a sigh of relief and gratitude to see you do these things for her.

Here are some tips and ideas of things husbands can do daily to show your spouse that you care about her.

  1. You do not have to ask her what she wants you to do, take on some task she does daily and surprise her by doing it.
  2. Take the kids out for activities so she can get some alone time to finish some project and work.
  3. Make out time to have a conversation and listen to her with any interruptions from your phone or gadgets.
  4. Buy her favourite drink
  5. Have a lunch date with her
  6. Bath and take the kids to bed without being told to do so
  7. Follow up on anything she discussed with you to find out what is happening( it shows you care)
  8. Be generous with your compliments. Compliment her cooking, appearance and all the good things she does for you and the kids.
  9. Send her a text message or a call during the day to say ‘I love you.’
  10. Make her some tea, cocoa, coffee if she like it in the morning
  11. Tell her to take a nap, that you have things under control
  12. Write a love letter
  13. If she loves a hot bath after a hard day’s work, get her water ready
  14. Call or text her to ask if she needs your help in picking up anything on your way home
  15. Leave love notes around the house that says nice things about her.
  16. Give a well-meaning hug when she returns from work
  17. Help with poop cleaning, if she is a stay at home mum she probably must have done this job many times over.
  18. Make the bed
  19. Catch your spouse doing something good and make a big deal of it
  20. be thankful
  21. Give her a day off from the kitchen and prepare her favourite meal (Good for weekends)
  22. Have dinner or a weekend getaway together without the kids (Kids could sleep over at Grannies place)

This list of beautiful ideas that every husband can try out is not exhaustive.  Knowing your woman and her preference is key to pulling this off excellently. It is not a hard one; all you need to do is to have the mind to do it while understanding the place of timing.

We will like to create the male version of this. What would like your wife to do for you daily that you would treasure?

On the other hand, what does your husband love you to do for him daily?