Your Man’s Age Can Affect Your Chances Of Conception

Content Team

Do you know that your man’s age can affect your chances of getting pregnant?

As a woman grows older, she is often reminded of how her biological clock is ticking and how she needs to try hard at having a child while leaving out the age factor in the process of conception.

Perhaps you have read and adhered to all the instructions on what to do or not do when trying for a baby. You are also worried that age is not on your side and babies are not forthcoming, your partner’s age is something you need to consider in your quest for a child.

According to researchers, men are at the peak of their fertility when they are below 25 and 95% of their sperm at this time does not contain DNA damage. This DNA damage drops to 20% at the age of 35. As this decrease occurs the chances of conception reduces.

What can be done to salvage the situation since the reality is that very few men get married below 25? The good news is that many things can still be done to better the chances of having healthy sperms that are motile and viable for conception.

Here are tips that men can follow to improve their fertility;

  1. Exercise: You need to keep fit and exercise regularly. A man’s weight is as important as that of the woman. This is because weight issues can affect performance.
  2. Good diet: This involves intentionally eating the balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. Also taking a supplement that includes folic acid, selenium, zinc, Vitamin C etc. All these can be gotten in food, multivitamin supplement and prenatal vitamins for the man and woman.
  3. See a doctor for an overall health check-up 
  4. Lower stress levels, sleep and relax more
  5. Quit smoking, drinking alcohol
  6. Stop taking caffeinated drinks like coffee
  7. Check medications: some drugs can affect the quality and quantity of sperm
  8. Maintain a cool temperature: There is a reason the testicles are outside the body. You should avoid heat from placing a laptop on your laps or wearing tight pants that do not allow your testicles and pubic area to be aired properly.
  9. Stay away from chemicals and toxins

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for a long time, it is necessary both of you get tested to evaluate your level of fertility.