What Your Cervical Mucus Says About Your Fertility

Content Team

Cervical mucus is closely tied to a woman’s fertility or infertility.

Do you know that that the sticky whitish jellylike substance that often stains your underwear is important?

There is much more to it than you ever imagine. It is called the cervical mucus.

Cervical mucus can be used to tell when you are ovulating but it does not give a 100% result. It is just like your monthly period that many things affect and influence how it manifest. External factors like breastfeeding, stress, illness, medication or drugs, dieting, weight change, fasting and travel, pre-menopause can affect how your cervical mucus will appear.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can examine your cervical mucus to see how it looks closely. You can use tissue paper or wipes to wipe yourself, afterward press the mucus in between your thumb and index finger then stretch it. Observe what the mucus does because it most likely tells your fertility level at that point in time.

As our faces are different so are our cervical mucus different! Here are different types of cervical mucus.

  1. Infertile Cervical Mucus: This type of cervical mucus occurs in the first few days after your menstrual period and is usually dry and very sticky.
  2. Slightly Fertile Cervical Mucus: At this stage, your cervical mucus is responding to an increase in the levels of oestrogen in your body. It is usually thick, damp, creamy and sticky. The chances of conception is low because the sperm can hardly pass through the mucus to reach the egg. It feels a bit dry and will not stretch when you touch it.
  3. Fertile Cervical Mucus: Fertile cervical mucus is usually watery, clear and cloudy white, more slippery and abundant than the other type of mucus produced by the body earlier on. It gives a strong indication of your ovulation being close. This type of mucus makes it easy for the sperm to get through to the egg. If you are trying for a baby, it is a good time to get busy making babies. If otherwise, apply caution and avoid unprotected sex at this time.
  4. Highly Fertile Cervical Mucus: This is also known as the Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM). This type of mucus looks like egg white. It is clear and stretchy and keeps its shape when you stretch it. This is the sperm’s favorite mucus. If you are trying to conceive then this is also a good time to up your game. Although not all women produce this type of mucus most do.

So you see, knowing and understanding how cervical mucus looks like has a lot of benefits for you and your partner if you pay close attention while tracking it changes and differences over time.