When The Two Weeks Wait Seems Like Forever

Editorial Team

It's not everyone that understands what the two weeks wait is all about. If after getting married, you didn't have to wait for long before you are confirmed pregnant you wouldn't understand what the two weeks of waiting means. It's like time has suddenly become slow as you wait for the days to pass by so you can do the test that'll tell you if you have nailed the jackpot or you have another big fat negative in your record.

And here's a step by step phases a TTC woman goes through during the two weeks wait;


The “I have done my part” stage

This is the moment after you just had sex with your husband during your fertile period and then you leave everything in God's hands. I even go one step further by kneeling down in prayer(not immediately after sex for fear the sperm will come out) and tell the Lord this should be "it." And indeed, man can only try it's God that has the final say, with that in mind, I'll eat foods which will help with implantation in the following days.

The "I'm pregnant, I'm sure I'm pregnant" stage

Three or four days after doing the baby dance, I'm already feeling pregnant, my breast feel heavy or is it me? Every sudden craving for food, sleeping too much are all signs of pregnancy. I'll google search signs of pregnancy again and again and see if I'm feeling any of the signs.

The "maybe I'm not pregnant" stage

Just two days after I was so hopeful and sure that I'm pregnant, the doubts set in. For fear of being disappointed again while so hopeful I guess, the denial will come again and again and I'd find myself believing it. Throughout that day I'd be moody, meanwhile this is only day 5.

The "review" stage

This is the day when I, for fear that I might have done, ate or engaged in any habit that could affect conception would go online and do some research work. Have I been eating alright? What's my BMI is it okay? What did I drink yesterday, will it affect conception. Google is a TTC woman's best friend. If what I found on goggle isn't what I was I'm expecting, it will then add to my anxiety.


The "home pregnancy test" stage 

Every woman trying to conceive knows the rule, never take a sneak peak until the end of two weeks but then the wait can sometimes drive a being crazy so yeah I cheated 9 days into the two weeks, when I took the test, it came out negative and instead of going nuts, I consoled myself that, it's not the test date yet.

The "free madness" stage

Finally the end of the long awaited two weeks came and I was scared to take the test, this is funny because this is a day I've so been waiting for, I waited two days after the two weeks before doing the test, I wanted the result to be as accurate as possible. I went into the hospital, and while waiting for the blood test result to come out, I went out to buy a chilled bottle of coke (I know soda's not good for me but I needed to calm down, I felt like a time bomb waiting to blow up) when I came back, I opened the result sheet with shaky hands.

Well the result came out positive! And in a loud voice I screamed positive into the phone, my husband thought I had gone crazy. But it was a long due positive news, so I can dance terry G's dance and everyone would understand.

Everyone  woman who is trying to conceive goes through these stages and may the result bring laughter for all of us.

Baby dust to you all TTC!