The One Thing You Need to Know Before Starting IVF

Editorial Team

Often times women who are trying to conceive are advised to stop worrying and relax, yeah it's true, you should relax but I won't tell you to relax. I know how hard it is to relax when you are trying to conceive, sex is not the same anymore, and the honeymoon phase when you smile after having sex is gone, now it takes all your effort to get yourself in the mood for the baby dance.

You stop eating all the food you love but is considered unhealthy, you try to lose ten pounds in 2 weeks, stop drinking alcohol and nag your husband for still drinking and smoking weed or cigarette until he stops, yet nothing.


And after a year of trying without nothing to show, you try seeing a doctor who administered a series of test and after the test you were referred to a fertility clinic.

And that's when you become scared, fertility clinics? Those money sucking clinics? The cost, the needles, and the hormones, then after hearing that all you have to do is IUI you calmed down. But then after three failed trials, you are told you have to do IVF.

Join the IVF club? No! That's not happening.

If you’re like me and you go looking for a natural IVF clinic, one that uses less medication, or you’re like a friend of mine who searched out healers like acupuncturists and nutritionists to avoid messing with your body. I should warn you that you might spend months or years pursuing promising treatments and still get nothing.

 So this is something else I want you to know if you've been trying to have a baby whether naturally or you are trying assisted reproductive therapy.
The only important thing when trying to have a baby is actually having your baby
I know you'd be like "obviously" and probably be annoyed that I told you a long boring story before saying this.

But it's normal for us to go all "I want to have a baby naturally" that is, without no drugs, no intervention, no needles, no hormones, no test tubes it is understandable if you don't want all of this, because it's normal to feel that way. And I'm not advising you go for immediate treatment or hailing Western medicine without trying naturally first.

But don't waste too much time, don't waste too much of your emotional and financial resources, then sacrifice your marriage for how you make the baby. Because it doesn't matter how the baby is conceived, what matters is that you conceive and give birth to your healthy, happy baby.

I'm now on the other side of all of it, and I can say: It’s truly amazing! But I wish I hadn't wasted so much time before I got here.

I tried for four years, now I wish I hadn't been so focused on how I get pregnant (I wanted to conceive naturally) but more on how soon I do. I hope you can too.

Goodluck and baby dust to you!