Can You Get Pregnant After The Pill?

Editorial Team

If you've been on the contraceptive pills for years but now that you are planning to have a baby you stopped using the Pill, you might want to know when the effect of the Pill will wear off, when to start trying, and how soon you can get pregnant.

How does the Pill work?

The most commonly used contraceptive Pill is the combined one and it contains two hormones namely; oestrogen and progestogen. What it does is to stop you from ovulating every month. You do know that without an egg, you can't get pregnant. If taken correctly, the chances of getting pregnant while using it is very low.

The other Pill usually prescribed for birth control is the mini-pill, and it only contains the progestogen hormone and is usually used in women over 35 and breastfeeding moms.

Trying for a baby after you stop using the Pill

If you have been taking the Pill, medically, there's no reason you can't start trying straight away, but there's a good reason you should wait for a month or two before you start trying.

Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, from the Royal College of General Practitioners says ‘I suggest to my patients that when they’re coming off the pill, they use condoms until they have had their first proper period,’ says. ‘That way they have some idea what their cycle is doing.’

When you stop using the Pill, the first vaginal bleeding you experience isn't normal period. It's the effects of the hormones washing off and leaving your system.

Your ovulation can be delayed when you first come off the Pill so when you finally get pregnant, it can be hard to estimate a due date.

Getting your cycle back after you quit the Pill

However, there are some women who don't start seeing their period right after they stop using the Pill. It's not abnormal, it's as a result of a condition known as post-pill amenorrhoea. But there's no cause for alarm, after a few months, your period will show up.

Dr Stokes-Lampard says ‘It can last up to nine months, it almost always rights itself but we have no way of predicting who that is going to effect.’

Bottom line, after you stop using the Pill, wait a month or two before trying, and if you need to do the deed during this period use condom.