List Of Bank Accounts You Can Open For Your Kids In Nigeria

Editorial Team

It's not enough for you to look after your children in the present, you also have to safeguard their future against the unexpected.

If you've not opened a bank account for your child, you need to do that now! Even if you drop just 5,000 Naira per month into the account imagine how much that would be when they are about 15 years old; about 900,000 Naira! Add interest and it should be more than a million.

If you are confused about which accounts to open for your child, we are here to help you. You will find below some bank accounts you can open for your child. Before listing them however, let me guide you through what you need to watch out for before choosing a bank account package for your child;

  • Age criteria: While some banks' age requirement starts from 0-18 others have a minimum of 10 years so check for one that suits your child's age.
  • Accessibility: Choose a bank that'll allow you have access to your child's money any time you need it and close the account anytime you want.
  • Fixed savings account: This attracts more interest rate as you can't just withdraw the money for small issues, the money has to be kept until a set time.
  • Incentives: Some banks organise end of the year parties, give gifts and other things to children. Some grant loans for school fees.
  • Regulations: The account should have no minimum balance requirement; no monthly maintenance fees; online account management; and high interest rates.
  • Online banking: They should have an online app so you can manage your child's account online with ease.
  • High interest rate: Choose one with a high interest rate, this is very important

The following are popular bank account packages for children in Nigeria;

Access Bank: Early Savers Account

The Access Bank Early Savers account is for children below the age of 18 years, you the parents are in charge of the account until your child is old enough to operate it. A deposit of N5,000 is needed to open the account, it offers an interest rate of 3.9% p.a, access to educational loan and gifts items and it has no monthly maintenance fee. For more information visit

Diamond Bank: Cool-Teen Account

This account is for teenagers, to help them learn the value of savings. The account can be opened for as low as N500 naira, a teens debit card in the teens name and a credit interest payable monthly are some of the benefits offered. Visit for more details


The Sweeta account is for children between 0-17, you can open the account with any amount, it offers a fair interest rate (contact them for more details), incentives like end of the year party and gifts for your child on birthdays. For more details visit

First Bank: KidsFirst

KidsFirst is an account for children aged 0-12, the account is opened in the child's name with a minimum deposit of N1,000 and is operated by the parents. It offers online banking, gift items and scholarship. Visit for more information

MeFirst account

Another account by first bank for kids is the Mefirst account it's designed for kids between the ages of 13 - 17 years, the account is opened with a minimum of N1,000, debit card, gift items are the other benefits offered. For details visit

FCMB: FCMB Classic Savings Account 

This account is for kids and teens and can be opened with at least N 5, 000, attractive interest, ATM/Debit Verve Card issuance and it allows for third party counter withdrawals. For more information visit

GTBank: Smart Kids Save (SKS)

This account is designed for kids between age 0-17, an account that allows you save for your child's future, annual raffle draws, fair interest and more are the benefits that comes with it, visit for more details

Heritage Bank: Bud Mini- (for ages 0-12)

A parent can open this account on behalf of their  child (under 18), it offers competitive interest, access to school fees loan and more.

Skye Bank: Rainbow Savings Account

This account is for children between the ages of 0-18 years old, you can open the account with a minimum of N2,500, a competitive interest rate, debit card (on demand) and much more. For details visit

UBA: U-Care Savings Account

This account is basically designed for parents to save for their children's education, the account can be opened with at least 2,000 naira and designed to support your child's education. It offers a competitive interest, online school fees payment (if the school is signed to schools-on-line), and  much more. Visit for more details

Unity Bank: Unity Kids Account

This account encourages savings from childhood, an opportunity to win a scholarship, a free birthday card and welcome pack for customers who open their account with N10,000 and above. For more information visit

Wema Bank: Royal Kiddies Account

The Royal Kiddies Account is designed for children between 0-12 years old and has some unique life assurance benefits in case of death or permanent disability in the family. As a parent/guardian, you can ensure that your ward’s future is not affected by events beyond your control. The account is opened with a minimum of N2,000, for more information visit

Zenith Bank: Zenith Children’s Account (ZECA)

ZECA is designed for children between the ages of 0-18 years for parents to save towards their child's education and future, opening the account is free and the account can be opened at birth, competitive interest, invites to Zenith Children’s Parade and more are what you stand to gain. For more details visit