The Importance Of Love In A Home

Editorial Team

Love in recent times has been overlooked in marriages, but how important is it still? And how does it affect the children?

Marital conflict is a common scene in most marriages, but it may have some major underlying implications most couples pay less attention to.

Did you know that your babies learn from a very early age? As early as 2 months?

Yes, babies start listening to your words right from the fetal stage when in your womb, but try to make meaning of it when born through observation.

Your baby can't fully understand the words you say but makes meaning of it by observing emotions such as anger, pain, sadness, depression, anxiety, love etc.

As they grow babies begin to make sense of their world and what is love, who loves them, speech, daddy, and mummy etc.

So you may think the little fights and quarrels don't have any damaging impact, except on grown children but this notion is incorrect.

Recent research has shown that exposure to stress at a tender developmental stage can have an impact on the way in which the brain functions in later years.

The researchers discovered that listening to arguments between parents even during sleep for a baby can affect how they process emotional tones of voice which makes them stressed and in later life can cause anxiety and emotional instability.

This is why as couples we need to increase the degree of love and peace in our homes and reduce the misunderstandings and fights.

Share your story with us of how you feel fighting has affected your baby.