Activities You Can Do To Ring In The New Year


Everyone gets excited about ringing in the New Year.

In Nigeria, one common way to ring in the New Year depending on religious affliation, is to go to church or pray at home. But do you know that there are additional ways for you to ring in the New Year with children?

The following are fun things you can do with your children on New Year's eve.

1. Writing New Year resolutions or wishlists

One fun way to bring in a New Year is to have your children write out their New Year resolutions on a piece of paper. They can also fill out what they learned this year and what they hope to do next year.

2. Create a blessings jar

The end of an old year is a good time to reflect on all the blessing received during the year.

A good idea to help instill an attitude of gratitude in your child's heart is to create a blessing jar. While reflecting together as a family, every member of the family can write a blessing they have received on a piece of paper, fold it up, and stick it in a jar.

Next New Year's Eve, you can pour out all the blessings from the previous year and go through it together as a family.

3. Have a New Year's eve party

This party does not have to involve decor, music or heavy preparations.

You can choose to have a simple slumber or pyjama party with your children and their friends in your living room.

Bring out pillows, duvets, mats, stuffed toys and some DVDs the children can watch e.g.  Toy StoryKung Fu Panda, CarsHarry PotterPrincess Diaries, Hannah Montana etc.

If you have a karaoke machine, let the kids be as loud as they want while singing their favourite songs.

4. Create a time capsule

You can choose to create a time capsule instead of a blessings jar. Have your children write anything they want to remember along with their resolutions in a container and then hide it till next year.

You can imagine how much fun it will be to read all their thoughts from the previous year, next New Year's eve.

5. Watch other countries ring in the New Year on TV

Once you've said your prayers and wished all members of the family, Happy New Year, you can all seat down to watch how other countries ring in the New Year on TV.

If you are in the city of Lagos, you can also watch, the Lagos Countdown, The Biggest New Year's Eve Party in Africa which is held at the Bar Beach on TV with the kids.

This event can be streamed live or watch on various Nigerian TV stations.

What activities are you going to do with your kids on New Year's Eve?