Tips To Make Road Travel With Kids Easy on You

Content Team

Travelling with kids is usually filled with ups and downs, they are super excited when the journey starts and then a few kilometres away from home they want the freedom to move around.

Yes, it could be all shades of hectic but it could be a good time to bond with the children. To make the journey less boring and a lot more fun, you can try out these tips as you hit the road

Load your phone with kids apps: you can download different online apps on your phone. Apps that help with hotel booking, games, music, audiobook reading and different forms of entertainment you kids can enjoy on the road.

Have a couple of interesting books: When batteries run dry and screen time is over laboured,  a good storybook is a big saver. It is good to pack the favourite toys and games of your kids with you because you never can tell when they would come in handy.

Prepare for messes: Some kids react to the vehicular motion by throwing up. Motion sickness can be prevented and managed with medicinal product. Taking spicy foods may cause more irritation where there is a tendency to vomit already.

Take some food: It is common to see fast food joints around which may be quick and even cheap but you have to be mindful of the source of your food on the journey. It is preferable that you cook some food and pack healthy snacks with you. This saves cost and helps to prevent any form of sickness attached to eating out.

Stretch your legs: If you have a long distance to cover say over two hours, you can find a safe place to stop so everyone can come down and stretch their legs. In Nigeria, it is preferable to stop over at most petrol filling stations because it offers a level of safety. This could also be an opportunity to also munch at some foods.

Please share with us other tips you follow to ensure an enjoyable road travel experience with the kids.