Perfect Gifts You Can Buy For Your Mother-In-Law This Christmas

Editorial Team

There's nothing harder than buying a gift for your mother in-law.

The gift has to be something she likes and something she won't be offended at being gifted with. I learnt this the hard way, one year I gifted my MIL with something I won't mention here and since then every year she talks about my funny gift and laughs at it at my expense.

Here are some perfect gifts you can purchase for your mother-in-law this Christmas;

1. Hamper

While you can already buy a packed hamper, we would recommend making one yourself. It's easy! All you need to buy is a basket, you can buy a plastic one for example and pack it yourself with things that you know your mother-in-law will appreciate. You can never go wrong with milk and other beverages. A bottle of groundnut or cashew nuts is also a great addition to the hamper. If your MIL drinks alcohol, then buy a nice bottle of wine that both she and your father in law will appreciate. Don't forget to cover it with a see through plastic wrap.

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2. Foodstuff

We all know how expensive things are right now in the market, in fact rice is 'gold'. If you cannot afford a full bag, why not just buy her a half bag of rice. Trust me she would love you for it. You can also add a keg or bottle of vegetable oil and a basket of tomatoes if you can afford it. Just make sure you deliver them on time so they can be useful for Christmas cooking.

3. Kitchen appliances  

If your mother-in-law doesn't have a microwave or one kitchen appliance that you know will make her life much more easier, then get it for her. As she's using it she'll be remembering her "darling" daughter and keep praying for you.

If you afford to buy a kitchen appliance, you can buy a chinaware for her. Nigerian mothers are big lovers of chinaware no matter how many they have already, they still cherish it as a gift.



4. Clothes

This is one thing my own mother has told me to stop buying her unless I also give her money for sewing. However if your mother-in-law is a lover of clothes buy her ankara or lace materials that are not too expensive but also not too cheap. If you're buying, buy for her husband too or it's going to be war.

5. Sleep wear: night gown and pyjamas

It is very likely that your MIL and father-in-law are in need of new sleep wear, so why not buy one each for them? It has to be something they'd feel comfortable and good in and the colour has to be one that'll lift up their spirit every time they wear it.

Other things you can buy for your in-laws

  • A Mr and Mrs watch
  • Bed sheet and pillow cases

Sending you lots of love and peace in this season of light!