10 Dos And Don’ts For Travelling With A Baby Over Christmas

Editorial Team

A lot of people travel during Christmas, Christmas is a time to share and a time to love, and it's best celebrated with family and friends.

Little wonder people travel during this time. Travelling is no trouble, but if you have little children and a baby, it can become more than a problem but a disaster. It can be stressful and a bit complicated.

Notwithstanding, that shouldn't stop you from travelling, you can't stay at home until your little one is old enough to come out. These do's and don'ts guide will help you plan for the journey so you don't make a disaster of it.

1. Do bring a travel cot

I'm sure this will be a lot of loads and you may be thinking "shey na one year we wan use for there?" If  it won't be too much trouble or you are driving your car, you should carry a travel cot which your baby can sleep in at night and play in during Christmas lunch.

2. Don't forget their favourite toy

Your child will be crying and fussing and if you have the toy you can use it to pacify them. So don't forget to bring Pinky with you when travelling.

3. Do bring a sling

If you're going by bus or aeroplane, take a sling along so that you can carry your baby, another way to do it is to back your baby(they might be feeling heat and want you to hold them, though, for me, I prefer a sling for this).

4. Don't leave it to the last minute

If you leave your packing to the last minute or the night before, your travelling will be stressful and you'll end up forgetting some things. Immediately you know you are travelling, start putting things into your travelling bag as you remember them, so you don't have to stay up the night before, packing and sorting things.

5. Do bring a blanket from home

Thinking of the load you will carry may have you dropping the blankets at home, having it in mind that you will get one where you're going to. However, the familiar scent of your blanket will be comforting to your baby in the new environment you are going.

6. Don't forget the gifts

If you usually have gifts for your children during Christmas, this one should be no exception. Pack the gifts and put them underneath the bag, away from where your child will see them. Then out the other things you'll be needing at the venue on the gifts.

7. Do schedule in stop-over

If your destination is far and you aren't taking a flight, then I'll advise you don't attempt to cover the journey in a day if not you will arrive at your journey exhausted, irritated and hungry (your children won't like it one bit). Consider stopping over at a hotel for the night and continue your journey in the morning and if you're going in a commercial bus, your bus will surely stop over for food and drinks, think of what you'll buy to last you the journey.

8. Don't forget to eat 

When you are stressed out and taking care of a baby and a toddler, you might be so overwhelmed that you'll forget to eat. But this is the time you need your energy the most, you are breastfeeding and you are stressed. Pack some drinks and food, banana, and even chocolates for yourself to boost your energy.

9. Do have a bag packed with essentials near you

Your other luggage should normally be in the booth of the car, but let the bag which contains your baby things and some things you'll be needing for the journey be beside you. The last thing you want to do is tell the driver is "Abeg park, I want to pick something..." If it were a commercial bus, be sure that the other passengers will be ready to eat you raw and some will call you names

And even if it were your own car, it's convenient and it saves time to have the things you'll be needing on the journey near you. These include extra nappy, a change of cloth, toys, snacks, books, wipes, water bottle, and every other thing you think you might be needing during the journey.

10. Don't expect it to be hitch-free

If your expectations are that your journey will be very smooth, think again! Who are you kidding now? Your child will want to poo-poo and you won't have any choice than to stop the car or bus, they'll throw tantrums, or even get sick and they will cry(not trying to scare you heh heh, just preparing you). Don't be dismayed f this happens and be like "This is the last time you'll go out with me" Because we both know that's a lie.

I'm sure you might already know these things, for those who already do, this is a reminder, for those who don't, this is your chance to do. I'm sure you can handle it, do have a safe trip during this season! Good luck!