Stay-At-Home Mums Can Make Money Too

Content Team

Recently, there are lots of videos and stories flying around of children being ill-treated and poorly cared for in the hands of nannies, crèches or daycare centers.

This phenomenon has caused a great concern amongst parents. This sometimes leaves parents with no choice but to decide which of the parent will stay at home to care for the child. More often than not many women give up their jobs, just to be there for the family. They become stay-at-home mums.

Stay-at-home mums are often negatively viewed as lazy, busybodies and jobless women but this narrative has been changed and altered to the point that many stay-at-home mums make money in their nightgowns.

There are various ideas you can pursue at home while you care for the family. First, you need to identify your area of interest, training, skills, and gifting.

Start with what you have! If you had to leave your accounting job and you are skilled in bookkeeping then you can work with this skill remotely to earn an income at home.

Here are business ideas you can tinker with to find the one that suits you;

Sell things Online

We live in a world of possibility with the ability to get almost anything you can think of online.  Selling things on online sales and social media platform can help increase your sales prospect beyond your immediate environment to reach people that are in other location. People sell shoes, bags, clothes, toys, furniture, food online.

Virtual Assistance

If you have a skill, you can sell your services to company’s that require it. The beauty of virtual assistantship is that you work from anywhere. You do not have to be at the location of the company as simple as being a personal assistant, responding to e-mails, customer care call, graphic design, personal shopping for people etc. You can be a virtual assistant on any skill and ability you possess.

Product Line Launch

There are lots of skill acquisition opportunity funded by government, religious bodies and private individuals. Can you make healthy products, soap, cream, food? You can leverage on it with good quality and strategic advertising you can get more patronage. Other product ideas include sewing toys or clothes, baking and decorating cakes, paintings or other artwork, decoration etc.


Blogging is another way to make money if you put in the required energy and time. First, you need to blog about what you know or are interested in. This can be demanding but with consistency and open-mindedness, you can make it big doing this.  Most bloggers make money from adverts placement on their blog site, sales of eBooks, affiliate marketing, paid subscriptions etc. Here you get exposures, attention from brands and sponsorship.

Childcare Services

Being a mum is not a disadvantage. If you love to have kids around you and you have the Midas touch of how to handle and care for them then that may be your cue to start a daycare service. Apart from caring for your baby, you make money from caring for other people’s babies. You can offer after-school pick-up services for older kids. You can also offer specific teaching if you are skilled in music, sports etc.

Stay at home mums are the real MVPs who help to manage the family.

You can also become a financially independent stay at home who contribute to the family finance while doing the awesome job of caring for your kids.