5 Things To Do To Have A Smooth Transition To Work Life After A Baby Break

Content Team

My name is Ngozi, a 29 years old bank worker at a big bank in Nigeria.

I started working at 25 and I earn good money. Two years ago, I got married and I had my daughter. As soon as my baby girl was born I knew things would never be the same again for me. I had to change my plan.

You see not everyone is like me, I had colleagues who stayed on and worked while keeping a family but for me I could not handle the two together all at once. I needed to take a break to care for my family. I left my high paying job and traded money for time.

Not many women can do what I did because of the demands of caring for the home financially. Although I stopped working at the bank, I did not let caring for my child end my career. I found a way round it- make money and care for my home. I worked part time, free-lance consultation, launched a magazine, started my online business and I made money from the corner of my room.

Perhaps you are a young lady like me who desires to care for her kids but is afraid of how to get back to work life after a baby break. This is for you! Here are 5 things you can do to remain valuable and increase your chances of getting a job while you are taking time out for your family.

  1. Don't stop working all together: Yes, you may have to leave a high paying job that lady that took almost all your time for a part-time job in your field that gives flexible hours, good income while caring for your baby. If part time working is difficult, try freelancing with your skill set.
  2. Stay in touch: More often than not, working ladies now mothers often let their former work relationship die! No don’t do that. You need to keep the connection because you will need it when you want to reenter the labour force. You also need to network through attending events, following industry trends so you are in the know of changes in your industry.
  3. Be relevant: Yes, you are not working currently but you need to still be in tune and keep being active. You can find websites, blogs that interest you then write on any topic that interest you in the light of what the purpose of the blog.
  4. Stay informed: One of the challenges that come with taking time away is the tendency for your knowledge of your industry to go rusty. You need to stay up-to-date on changes in your field. Schedule a few times during the week to read up on articles, listen to podcast in your field, taking online courses and certifications.
  5. Be Involved: You know have to go all out for an elective position but you can do something to make your community better. There is something you can do to impart people. For example you can volunteer for organization and causes, you can start a reading , cooking group to help the poor in your community. There are so many things you can do all you need is to look inward and look for that area of strength. This would be interesting to any future employer when you start looking out for jobs.