Tips To Having Interesting Conversations With Your Baby

Content Team

Do you know that having conversations with your growing baby is beneficial in helping him build his language skills?

It is not difficult to talk to your young child  for example you can talk about what you are doing, your day; share your thoughts and ideas.

Although he may not respond with coherent sounds, know that your baby is learning from you. For example when breastfeeding, tell him you are breastfeeding him, what the benefits are and how you want him to grow to be strong etc.

You can talk as long as you want, but when you observe your baby is sleepy, tired then you can put a hold on talking. Study your child’s personality to learn when she enjoys hearing your voice or not.

When to start talking to my baby?

You can start as early you can. In fact, right from the womb, the practice should go on to birth and after birth. Your baby acquires a lot of information from listening to your talk. It may feel one-sided but your baby will gradually respond to you as she grows up.

You do not need any special time to talk to your baby.  You can hold a conversation at anytime and anywhere comfortable. It could be when you are changing diapers, breastfeeding, lying down etc. You may feel awkward at first; you will ease into it if you keep doing it.

Here are tips to help you with that interesting conversation you should be having with your baby;

Avoid distractions: it is best to put off your phone on silent mode, put off the television and give your baby your full attention.

Listen: If your child makes incoherent sounds listen and allow him/her to talk. Ask questions too.  For example, if your child is pointing at an object, mention the name of the object and explain its meaning.

Take turns: In a conversation, there is usually room for the parties involved to have their turn. Help your baby understand it by observing natural pauses.

Be observant: if you notice that, your baby is restless and grumpy it may just be a cue for you to stop talking. You need to know when to stop and when your child is paying attention too.

Aside from talking, you can also read, tell stories, sing songs and make rhymes.

By taking turns in your conversation with your child in a friendly way, you’re creating beautiful times together, which helps to strengthen the mother and child bond while helping your baby learn more about the world.