Tips On Getting Your Child To Bed

Editorial Team

Am I the only mother who has trouble getting my child to bed? When I'm reassured that I've put them to sleep I'd come back to the parlour to meet them, or worse still my toddler will wake up with shouts of "mommy! cochroach" And then I'd have a hard time making him go back to sleep again. Does this scene play out in your house? try out these tips to get your baby to sleep;

 1. Have a bedtime routine

Bedtime routines are important not just for babies but toddlers as well, this helps to prepare your child for bed. Make the bedtime routine enjoyable, when you give them a bath, let them make bubbles and when you put them to bed read them a book or sing them a lullaby, all this will tell them it's time for bed.

2. Turn off the TV

It's easier to get your kids to bed directly from the bathroom than from the TV room, if they want to get back to the movie they were watching, forbid it.

3. No sugars or big drinks

Sugar is energy giving, so make sure your children don't consume sugars or any sugary foods before bedtime, any drink other than a glass of water should be disallowed.

4. Toilet before bed

The excuse most of these kids have to wake up in the middle of night is the need to use the toilet, so let them do their peeing and pooing business before going to sleep.

5. Bedtime rituals

After tucking your child into bed, give them a kiss, tell them you love them and "I'll see you tomorrow" will be the best way to end the whole bedtime scenario.

6. Be stern 

When your child stands up from their bed like "mummy I want to pee" "Mummy I want water" "Mummy sing to me" "I want to eat'' Sit down quietly near their door without saying a word. when they see you around they'll calm down and stop demanding, then finally go to sleep.