Read Why You Should Child Proof Your Stairs And Balcony

Content Team

A month ago, my mum came to visit us in the house. Usually, when I carry many things in my hands and I cannot hold my toddler's hand, I would let her climb the stairs alone.

On this fateful day, I had nonchalantly told my mum to tell her to climb the stairs alone since I had seen her do it a couple of time without any accident, this was different she had to come down through another side of the stairs she was not used to. My daughter fell! Thankfully, she was close to the ground so it did not have a high impact.

Parents should never leave their child without any other person watching over them. You can leave them in the company of an adult, not an older sibling that is not an adult.

Safety on the Stairs

When it comes to safety while using the stairs follow these rules

  • Put in place baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Close the stair gates and ensure they knock on the wooden gate for support climbing
  • Teach your kids on how to use the stairs. For example, they can sit and scoot or slide down backward gradually.
  • Keep toys and objects away from the steps

Safety around the Balcony

At the balcony, children can get entrapped and even fall off. Some have their hands, legs stuck to the metal barriers of the balcony. If you have a balcony in your house, here are some tips to keep your children safe.

  • Keep your baby or toddler far from the balcony
  • Do not allow them to climb the balcony
  • Remove any object that can serve as an aid to climbing
  • Fit your balcony with bars that preventing climbing or jumping over
  • Close doors and windows leading to the balcony
  • Be watchful and alert when your child is close to the balcony