My Baby Loves Beautiful Faces, Why?

Content Team

Have you ever imagined why your baby stares at you or other people than others?

Some babies would even cry when some people carry them and yet they allow somebody else to carry them without tears. Two studies show that babies and toddlers love to look more at beautiful faces and even trust them more. The 2004 study conducted in the UK, revealed that babies do not learn to recognize faces rather it is a natural instinct that comes with them from birth.

Alan Slater and his colleagues at the University of Exeter showed facial images to babies as young as one-day old and they found that the babies spent more time looking at the more “attractive” face. These observations threw up the question of why do the babies prefer some faces over others. Researchers noticed that these ‘attractive faces’ looked very much like the prototype of a typical human face. Yet it is necessary to point out that the definition of beauty for an adult differs from the way an adult sees beauty.

Another study in 2013 tested some four and five-year-olds by showing them photos of women aged 18 to 29 years old. They saw that these toddlers tended to believe the response from the picture of these attractive women compared to others. Other factors such as previous truthfulness, familiarity also influenced these kids choice of whom they would listen to beyond their ‘attractiveness’.

In the case of the choice of an attractive stranger over an unattractive stranger.  Both boys and girls trusted the attractive-looking woman in comparison to the unattractive one.

Mothers definitely get the best of the stares from their babies because they spend more time with them. It is rather comforting to note that Mamalette your baby finds your face attractive and he/she thinks you are beautiful.