How To Protect Your Child's Unique Name

Content Team

I met a young man recently at an event and as he introduced himself, I told him I loved his name because it was a combination of two lovely words in his native language, which I could speak fluently.

Immediately I told him this, he started telling me how the name was his and he did not want any other person to use it as he reserves it for his future son. He went further to tell me not to copy it, that he knew only a few people who bore such names.  I laughed at him because I found it rather amusing that someone would want to claim a name solely as his own and would be upset if anyone goes on to use the name.

Personal names are in public domain and can be used by any or everyone who likes it and would like to call themselves or name their child by it. So if you are expecting a baby soon, you have to loosen up about sharing a name because, you do not know anyone who bears the name you have chosen for your baby does not mean your child’s namesake does not exist.

To prevent people from using your child’s name, you have to keep your name choice between you and your spouse. If your child’s name is a business name, you can trademark it so no use it as a business name but it can still be used as a personal name. For example, Mercedes Benz is a trademarked name yet I have met and heard of children who bear Mercedes!

So you see like Shakespeare quote in Romeo and Juliet “What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other word would smell as sweet;” means your child is still special and unique even if he/she shares the name with one million children across the world.