Fix Your Toddler's Sleep With These 5 Easy Steps

Editorial Team

Many parents complain about their kid's sleep issues and it's one of the things that most new parents face. Toddlers are active little beings and now more than ever they need their sleep and if you have an hyperactive toddler who never sleeps, hw might always be crying, tired and fuzzy.

It's common for toddlers to experience sleep regression during their second year and here are some of the things you can do to help your toddler sleep better;

1. Find out if they're having enough rest during the day 

If your child is not having their afternoon nap, they are more likely to wake up at night. It's important that kids have their afternoon nap right up to age 2.5 to 3 years old. So if your child is not sleeping well at night, it might be because their cortisol (the stress hormone) level is high which means they are more likely to wake up at night especially during the early morning.

Also, if your child sleeps too much during the day, they might not sleep well at night, find a way to cut down on the hours they spend sleeping if that's the problem.

2. How does your child fall asleep?

Does your child fall asleep naturally? Or do they have to fall asleep in your arms, while drinking from their bottle or something has to pacify them to sleep? if your child can't fall asleep without help then they might not sleep deeply when they fall asleep. Encourage your child to sleep naturally without aid, it will improve their sleep.

3. Have bedtime routines

Have a bed time routine, choose a particular time to get them ready for bed(say 9pm), when it's time, give them a bath, wear them their night clothes and maybe sing them a lullaby or song to sleep. The routine will help them relax, and be firm on the rules too. Do not give in to their plea to stay up late, or sing one more song to them.

4. Make it known

Explain to your child that sunshine means daytime and moon means night time. So if they wake up at moon time, tell them to go back to bed. Offer rewards for staying in bed all night. You can also buy sleep clocks which allows your child to know daytime from night time.

5. Sleep train

If after trying all these, your child is still having problems sleeping and therefore disturbing and waking you at night, you should consider carrying out a form of sleep training. Reassurance method works best for kids over the age of one, when your child first shout or cry, leave them to see if they'll go back to sleep. Train them to soothe themselves back to sleep.