How To Choose A Baby Name You Won't Regret

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Baby name is one of the important decisions you'll make in your baby's life. If you give your child a name which they grow up not to like or people don't even know how to call it, it will give you headache. One of my classmates in school was Solomon surprisingly when people want to call him they'll be like "Solo"(meaning amebo) and another Sulaimon was called "Sule"

The two short forms are insultive but people just want to shorten your name so no offence. Which is why you have to think carefully before choosing a name for your child, name choices are constantly changing, choose a name that'll withstand the test of time.


A large percentage of Nigerian parents who are over 35 go for traditional names depending on the circumstances surrounding their child's birth or their belief names such as Kemisola, Adeoye, Chukwuedum, Nneka, and other native names.

The younger parents however prefer uncommon or unique names but the name later becomes common and trendy like Bishop, Divine, Lilly, Jason, Samantha and names that are considered funky and unique.

Here are ways to choose a name for your child;

1. Regularity

You can give your child a name according to a particular idea you want to promote like Adedotun, Adedeji, Adelekan meaning my crown is new, I have 2 crowns now, and my crown has increased by one. Oyinkansola, Oyinlola, Oyinade and the likes. Chuckwuemeka, Chukwuedum.....You can give your child a name like these if you're trying to promote a trend like Ade, Oyin.

2. According to circumstances surrounding their birth

In my part of Nigeria, if a woman just died if the child born after her demise is the same gender as he she'll be called "Yeyetunde or Iyabo" or "Babatunde or Babajide" if it was a man that died. A woman had an easy delivery after two

Also, a woman had an easy delivery after two previous hard ones and called her child "Easy" because the birth was easy. Another woman named her son Victor after 10 years of trying to conceive.

A woman who has had 5 girl children and gave birth to a boy child as her sixth gave him "Segun" The same as Victor in English. Segun/Victor is usually given to a child if he's born after a series of tough event.

3. According to religion

Names are also given to children according to their parent's religion. If you're a Muslim you can give your child names like Bushirat, Naimot, Ramat, Jubril, Sulaimon (Sule for short),  Faraj, Jafar and if you're a Christian we have names like Victoria, Hanna (Not a fan of this), Esther, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jude, Jeremiah, Rebecca, Daniel, Noah, John, Timothy, Sophia, Mary, Philemon are names that of people of note in the bible.


4. Based on what you love

If you're a fan of flowers you can name your child after it, like rose, sunflower, Lilly, Jasmine ....and if you're a fan of gems you can give your child Gold, Silver, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Opal and if you particularly like a person in history you can give your child their name such as Goodluck, Nelson, and your favourite artiste.

5. Western names

Young mothers always love to go for something funky like Pearl, Lilly, Sandra, Tara, Gold, Max, Jason, Mason, Diamond and other English names generally.

For boys something simple and manly will do. It doesn't matter what the origin of the name you want to give your child is, as long as you love it.

Lastly, I want to say that you can give your child a native name, a religious name and one western name, which is how people do it these days. Which one you call them whether the native, western or religious name then depends on you. Choose rightly Mamalette.

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