How I Stopped My Baby From Thumb Sucking

Content Team

Shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, I discovered she liked to put her hands in her mouth like babies usually do.

I thought it was just placing the finger in the mouth only until it turns into full-blown thumb sucking.

Like many health-based websites, I believed it would go with time. Therefore, I waited it out until she was six months old. Then I went for a friend’s wedding where I met some experienced mothers who saw my daughter sucking and they counselled that I nip it in the bud before it becomes a habit that is difficult to stop. There and then I made up my mind to stop her from sucking.

Here is what I did;

I got lots of mittens (baby gloves) and I wore it on her hands so she could not access the fingers freely. Since she was used to sucking directly, she felt uncomfortable sucking it through the clothes.

I stayed strong through the tears: Most times when she felt the urge to suck, she would cry while tugging on the glove and I would ignore her or try to distract her to see other things. I did not ignore her because I did not care but I know that habits are difficult to break so I let her sort through it.

As I did it consistently for two weeks, she stopped and completely forgot about thumb sucking. Today if I tell people that, my daughter was once a thumb sucker you would not believe it.

Thumb sucking is an act that babies practice in the womb, which follows them into the world. This seemly harmless act gradually becomes a habit that can be very difficult to break. Many children who suck their thumbs do this to comfort and soothe themselves to sleep.

Dental Practitioners say that sucking is safe until the child starts growing permanent teeth at about age six.

Children suck their thumb with different intensity and the more vigorous and hard it is the more dangerous it can be to the dental health of the child.

Tell us! do you have a thumbsucking child? How did you stop him/her from thumbsucking?