Here’s Why Two Kids Are Enough

Content Team

We live in a part of the world where not having children is almost a curse to any married couple.  Even when you have two kids, family and friends are still nudging you to have more.

Years back, I remember getting talking with a doctor friend of mine. We talked about pregnancy and childbirth. From the medical point of view, he shared with me how pregnancy takes a huge toll on the woman’s body. Then when I experienced motherhood myself, I could experientially affirm his opinion about pregnancy.

In a research conducted by the Jagiellonian University in Poland and Bath University, it was revealed that mothers who want to keep looking young should have fewer children. Women who had a few kids were viewed as younger, more attractive and healthier than women with many kids.

This research may go against the grain of traditional belief that a woman should continue to give to as many babies she can carry in her womb. It is a known fact that mothers who have more kids are more stressed than those who have a few. Women who bear more than two kids tend to age faster and look less attractive in most cases.

Beyond the phase of pregnancy and delivery, the cost of taking adequate care of many children can be so financially and time-consuming if you really want to give them the best. Also managing the home with work leaves the woman with little strength for self-care.

Although the number of kids to have is personal to you and your spouse, it is recommended that women cap it up at two kids if they want to retain their beauty and youthfulness.