Baby Names Parents Regret

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I didn't know it's actually possible to regret baby names until recently. I named my girl Shubomi, surprisingly after this movie omo Shubi came out, people started calling my daughter "Omo Shubi" I was forced to go watch the movie and I hated the part that 'Omo Shubi" played in the movie. Anytime someone calls her that name I'll correct them but I later got tired of correcting them.

I'm not the only one that wish I had given my baby a different name, nearly 1 in 10 parents wish they had given their child a different name according to a new survey.

There are parents who feel the names given to their children don't hold special meanings which they would so much have loved it to convey


You can actually change your child' s name at the registry of birth but would you want to go through all that trouble? Besides, how do you tell everyone you've canged your baby's name, it's possible.

Here are some of the names parents wished they hadn't given their children;

Ngozika (Zika for short. Remember that virus?)

Sulaimon (Sule for short)




Thank God

Obiageri (My child has come to chop)



Eshukpofo (Eshu(devil) or Kpofo(lose) for short)


And many more.  So if you're considering giving your child a name, consider the following;

1. Do some research

Look for different names and their meaning. Parents find the meanings of the name they give their children very important as it symbolises their emotion, the qualities they admire, and their feelings all put into a name given to their child.

2. Look it up

After choosing a name, look at the initials so you won't end up embarrassing your child with a name that may ridicule them when they grow up. Sule (Sulaimon) means stupid and Solo (Solomon) means "nosy" on the street. And you can't stop people from shortening and kidding with the names of others.

3. Consider the spelling

If you pick a unique name which is difficult for people to pronounce or names with unusual spellings, it might become a problem for your child later in life. Read up on How To Choose A Baby Name You Won’t Regret

What are your thoughts on names and spellings? Did you regret your child's name?