7 Risky Places You Should NOT Leave Your Baby

Editorial Team

There have been several warnings on toys and gadgets for children that indicate their usage and how not to use them to avoid hazards. Most times, it is advisable never to leave kids on elevated surface unattended to, not even for a split second because anything can happen in a twinkle of an eye.

To keep our little ones safe, here are places we should not leave them:


We've seen cute pictures of babies in a bathtub and you might be thinking of letting you baby have a warm bath with a toy yellow swan. Your baby might not be able to balance itself in the water.  Apart from drowning, there is a risk of them ingesting chemicals or soap getting into the eyes.


We all know children can be very inquisitive and will always what to be where ever mommy is.  The kitchen is one of the unsafest places to have your baby. There are so many harmless things to you that can be harmful to your baby such as cutlery, cabinet doors, sharp edges or hot equipment.


Don't leave your baby on the staircase for any reason whatsoever. If they have to take the stairs, lift them off it to the end of the stair and have a baby gate if the stair is within the house so as to avoid them from taking a great fall off it.

Shopping Cart

It is the new cool at the mall to place kids in the shopping cart. It can be convenient to use since it enables you to shop and have your eyes on your kid at the same time but we need to be extra careful at that moment we are picking things off the shelve.  The kid might just jump off to pick an item that interest him/her and that can lead to a vital fall.


Kids should not be allowed to use the escalator on their own.  It is either you hold their hands firmly or you carry them to avoid their feet been trapped in the machine.


The toilet is not a place to let your kids play around. There are so many germs around the toilet place and kids immune system is not matured enough to fight it. The toilet should be out of bound to kids and the door to it should always be on lock. Properly wash their hands with soap and water if you noticed they've been there.