1. There's no time to recover

You have probably been looking forward to that day when you would give birth when the day comes and your baby is handed to you. Round 2 of motherhood starts! There's no time to wait, you have to look after your little one who will demand for all your time and devotion. So why not ask for help? From your husband and family members around and don't forget to thank them.


2. The new sense of responsibility

Before now, you've probably been responsible for taking care of yourself but now you have a little one that depends on you for everything. Which means as soon as your baby is placed in your arms you'll feel the weight of the responsibility on your shoulder.

Having a newborn to take care of  requires a lot of effort because it's really scary and requires all your effort.

3. You are learning 

You have to learn the big things like feeding and solutions to feeding issues and the small ones like how to wrestle a fragile, bendy legs into onesies. But you'll do just fine even though it seems you're just learning everything from the scratch.

4. You're on your own


You started it alone, and only you can do it. Only you carried the pregnancy, only you gave birth, only you will breastfeed your baby. No matter how many people are offering you support, you still need to do the breastfeeding and all by yourself.


5. Your child's needs come first 

That's the sacrifice most moms have to make, you are always at the back of the queue when it comes to list of needs. If your baby needs new clothes and you also need a pair of clothes, even if your baby can do without the clothes and you can't you'll still go ahead and do what needs to done for your baby.

And even if you're almost dying of tiredness, your baby needs to be fed first.


7. They won't stop needing you

When you are tired and you want so bad to rest, just when you rest your head on the bed to catch a 20 minutes nap, your child will start crying and screaming "I need you mommy" and what choice do you have than to go and attend to your baby.

It does end though, very soon your child will be able to take care of himself/herself and then you'd have some breathing space, until then hold on!