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What Every Mom Should Know About Having Baby Boys

When I had my baby girl four years ago, she came to this world with a lot of complications, I also gave up, thinking I was going to lose her but she survived. It was a miracle, the doctors then told me her survival rate was better than average for her gestational age because she […]


This Is Why Your Baby Has A Flat Head

Debby is a very busy woman. But, she loves having her baby, Sasha (whom she welcomed into the world four months ago) around her every chance she gets. Even if it means just laying the baby on her back so she can see her wave those tiny legs and arms, while she can also work at […]


Is My Baby Dead?

When we welcome our little angels into this world, it usually takes some time for them to adjust to their environment. This are 8 things you might or might 'not' have noticed in your newborn Their First Poop Doesn't Stink. As a new mom, you'll notice that when it's time for that diaper change there's […]


Facts about Being Pregnant

Mamalettes who have given birth know this true fact! Babies are beautiful. Pregnancy is not. Here are some facts  about being pregnant Pregnancy changes a lot things and only women who have gone through pregnancy know how great this change is. If you are new to the game, this are a list of things no […]


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