Year 2017 must not pass me by

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Good morning mamas and papas, pls I need your candid advice. By the Grace of God, am a born again christian lady and I will be 39 this year but still trusting God for my own CROWN. I once posted here of recently having suitors asking for my hand in marriage but the serious ones are pretty younger than I am while the matured ones want to sample me before marriage which I bluntly refused as premarital sex is a NO... NO for me. You all adviced and encouraged me, in which I took to some of the advices and I really appreciate you all for your kind words, advice, words of encouragement and prayers. The issue now is that, I am 4yrs,5yrs and 7yrs older than each of them. The most worrying thing is that they are not mature enough in reasoning. Each time we engaged in discussions, I discover am always ahead of them in reasoning in most discussions and they themselves discovered that too but they would always say am very intelligent. I think it happened like that because am older than them. I thought over it that it would be better for them to go for younger ladies and so I decided to tell them my age but they refused to believe me. They thought I added to my age so as to push them away from me because they are still struggling financially while I am doing fine by the Grace of God. I made them see that am telling the truth about my age, still am being seen like a liar. I won't deny the fact that I look 15yrs years younger than my age. I need no one to tell me that God has blessed me with a sweet smart slim shape stature that makes everyone thinks am 20-25. People hardly believe my age until they see my younger ones who are all married except the last 2. (NOTE: Am the 1st in the family of 6children). There is this young brother in my church, we both belong to the same department, each time he sees me in church he wouldn't stop looking at me and calling my name. He would always want to be around me, which has made most people in church think there is something between us, of which I noticed the attachement too but he's younger too. Please what do I do? Why is younger men always coming? Why is the mature ones that are coming always wanting to sample me before marriage? I dress modestly, all sensitive parts of my body well covered, I have a good and godly sense of dressing. So, what am I not doing right? Am tired of singlehood, am still waiting on God and believing God for my own husband. By the Grace of God am doing fine and I live alone. Loneliness can be killing atimes, the only companion I have is Jesus. Year 2017 must not pass me by o. Pls advice me, do I need to look my age for this miarcle can happen? Thanks



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