My Wife Has Changed Our Baby's Name Twice

A name is important in the life of a child which is why it's good to think and choose wisely before giving your child one. That's not the case for this man's wife who has a habit for changing their baby's names like clothes anytime she finds another "better" name.

The man, a Reddit user, rad_dad2016 took to the relationship board on the site to ask for advice regarding the way his wife changes their daughter's names.

In the post, the man complained about how his 28 years old wife changed their 18 months old daughter's name just three months after she was born and now she wants to change it again
Here's what he said;

“We decided on A after nine months of deliberation,” he writes. “A is born and everything is rosy. At the three month mark, my wife says she feels weird about the name. It’s too common, it doesn’t feel right, it seems like the wrong name. So I ask her what she would prefer and she says B sounds more ‘right’ to her, but we still refer to her as A. Now at the 18-month mark, she thinks C sounds better.”

“She was very obsessive about the name A at the time, looking up all meanings, symbolism, famous people with the name, etc.” he writes explaining that he’s scared that she's going to be changing their daughter's name all the time. “Say we do start calling her C” he poses, “what’s to say she won’t tire of it and move onto D?”

The dad has realized that his wife might keep changing their girl's names just as she changes her hobby and the impact this might have on the child and he's therefore thinking of putting his foot down and saying no but he's unsure as to how to broach the matter without making his wife defensive. he writes "I want to keep everyone happy and certainly keep her as low-stress as possible for our daughter’s sake,” then asked Reddit for advice.

Everyone agreed that he has to stop the name changing after all,

“Yeah, about your daughter,” writes mm172. “A’s a year and a half old already. She’ll have her own feelings about what she wants to be called soon enough, and she’s not a blank slate for your wife to project her own ideas about her personality or what’s cool. So tell her to try and remember what she liked about the name originally in case A didn’t inherit the same indecisiveness because it’s not up to her anymore.”

As to the right way to say it, a user punch_dance commented "just say no" while others suggested getting outside help. Although, many agreed that it's not abnormal to feel like you chose the wrong name for your child and changing baby name isn't so weird.

What is not okay is feeling you can change it more than once and at a later stage as a baby starts relating and responding to his or her name at about 7 months old so if you have to change your baby's name change it before then.

But I really would advise against it, you can pick one of the names you gave your child before and make it the general name everyone calls your child.

Parents what do you think? Is it normal to change a baby's name twice?



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