The Joys Of Childbirth

We often hear a lot about how painful childbirth is and very little about the joys of childbirth. Childbirth is one of the most exciting, joyful and empowering experiences a woman will ever have to go through in her life. Giving birth allows a woman to trust her body the ability and strength it has. It is one of the best pathways to self discovery and strength.

Childbirth is usually a mixture of pain and joy in which case the intense joy and pleasure when your child is born into this world overshadows the pain you just went through.

One mother described the last moments of labour as, "My first child came with intense pain but, when I saw his little face I forgot my pain. But I remembered I pushed my doctor out of my way, holding on to my drip when it was time for action." Another mom said The birth wasn't frightening; it was really, really exciting. The pain was painful, but it came and went, and at no point did I feel even near to losing control. I didn't find the experience humiliating. I found it empowering.It was one of the great moments of my life when I heard my son's voice and saw his face for the first time.”

Another woman said, 'Different children with different patterns of labour, laboured for a full day for the first, second didn't feel too much pain, third slight pain before induction, my 4th baby enh hmm na God, so just pray Almighty Jehovah stands by you, but the sweet part is the minute you push the baby out you forget the pain, you will feel very fine, in fact its as if a big load has been taken of your shoulders.'

Many pregnant women are excited about going into labour because after nine months of carrying your belly around, not being able to see your feet and the constant need to pee, you finally get to see your child. As mothers and mothers to be, we need to start looking at the joys of bringing a child into this world and embracing it as a privilege. Lets share wonderful stories of what our childbirth experience was and how unique it is for every child.



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