How To Take Adorable Pictures Of Your Baby

I am used to seeing adorable pictures of babies and children on Instagram and I often wonder how those mothers do it.

Pictures of my baby never looked so perfect until I found the trick to take cute Instagram-worthy pictures of my baby;

Look for a great background

I took a second look at my baby's pictures and I knew where the problem was. If the background is rough, how can the pictures be cute? If you want to take a picture of your baby at home, tidy up the house. But the best place to take your baby's picture is in the sitting room, park or shopping mall.

Look for good lighting

If the place is dark, no matter how great the picture would have been, the darkness will ruin it. Get your child where there's enough light and you might not even need your phone flashlight. An hour after sunrise or two hours after sunset are the magic hours, pictures taken at this time usually look really flattering.

Be on the same level

You are big and your child is small, so you need to get down low to your child's level. That way, you'd be able to capture their facial expression and the angle of their face better.

Download apps

There are photo apps that you can use to edit and filter your child's pictures to make them look more photogenic. Some phones come with the basic editing tools, but if you need more, download apps online.

Get someone to help

Get someone to be at the back and be distracting your child so you can take good pictures, it could be your hubby or anyone around, get them to make funny faces and make baby smile or give them toys so you can have a good shot.

You won't regret taking so many pictures of your baby when you wake up one morning and tada! Your child's all grown up.



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