Married To A Mama’s Boy Husband? Here Are 4 Ways To Handle Him

It’s not a bad thing for a man to be attached to his mom but when he’s attached to his mother’s wrapper, this might cause issues for the wife.

A mama’s boy is the kind of man that seeks his  mom’s opinion for everything, tells her every intimate thing that’s happening in his marriage and can’t operate much in her absence. If you’re the wife to such a man, you have work on your hands.

The following are 4 ways to handle a mama’s boy husband;

1. Set boundaries

Mama’s boy like to have their way like a spoilt child, make it known to him that he can’t always have his way. If he wants to act like a mama’s boy around his mom it’s fine but when he’s with you, he needs to act like the man you married. He’ll say things to you so as to get his way, but you need to be strong, don’t let his manipulation ever work on you. Meanwhile, do NOT call him a mama’s boy or you’re on your own.

2. Do not agree to pack into her house

If he’s tied to his mother’s wrapper, do not be manipulated into living under the same roof with her. In fact, you’re better off living in a one room apartment than being under the same roof with her. A mama’s boy will support his mother’s every decision, she’ll compete with you and when you have a disagreement he might call his mother in, all of which will contribute to make you miserable in that house. If you have to, make sure your store of patience is overflowing.

3. Avoid confronting his mom

It might get to a stage that you might be so tired of it all you might be tempted to confront her to back off, don’t do it or you’ll not hear the last of it from every single one of her children. The only person you need to have a talk with, is your husband and when you are having a conversation with him, do not talk with the anger you feel.

Tell him how much you like and admire his mom but you don’t want her all over the affairs of your home, so you two can adequately connect and work things out together as a couple.

4. Do not allow his mother make important choices for you

If his mother wants to make choices for him, it’s fine but when it comes to choices that affects you two, do not allow her make choices that affect you as a couple or family. Also do not let your husband talk you into accepting either unless it’s reasonable. Immediately you give her the power to make decisions about your career, finance, parenting and other family affairs she would continue using that power. And do not tell her when you’re having issues in your marriage.

If your spouse is too attached to his mom and it’s damaging your marriage, you need to address it now, if talking about it doesn’t help, you might need to talk to a marriage counselor.



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