In All This, Where Did He Go Wrong?

My uncle got married to this woman she met in Owo and it was obvious that he loved her much but sadly the marriage wasn't blessed with children. For 20 good years they kept trying, and I know she also tried other men (I have evidence but told no one) but nothing came out of it. He was quite faithful to her, he met no other woman, gave her so much support even when family members were largely saying he should try another woman.


Then it happened, he was living in Osun state and she Owo, then he sexually met with a woman and she got pregnant for him, his first reaction was to tell the lady to abort it as his wife must not hear about it, but somehow one of his friends called my mom (his younger sister) and told them that "the wife's jazz is working o, a lady got pregnant for your brother and he's saying she has to abort it" that was it.

His whole family came to Osun state to talk sense into him, my mom's first born was already 18 years old yet he (her elder brother) had no child and wants to abort for a girl? Really na jazz, at least that was what everyone thought. So he had a rethink and accepted the lady who also lives in the same area with him, with time, she moved in with him since the first wife still lives in Owo.


The family members still love the old wife and my uncle still wants her around but having a second wife who had a child without trouble was a threat the first wife wasn't ready to bear. Then her friends started calling the lady husband snatcher and said she's going to see what happens to a husband snatcher, we thought it was a joke.

The lady gave birth to a girl with a brown hair (on one side), the older wife came on her naming ceremony all smiles and everything so we didn't know she had any evil intention.


Before the end of the day, we noticed that the baby's brown hair had disappeared, it was even my mom that noticed it but we didn't dwell on it.

14 days later, baby started having convulsion and at a point she had to be taken to the hospital, when the baby's mother visited a pastor his first question was "who cut this baby's hair?" her response was "no one", until she remembered that the little girl's brown hair had disappeared on her naming ceremony.

Apparently, after the naming ceremony the old wife called it quit with my uncle and started fighting him in the spirit, she was the cause of the baby's sickness and the cause of many things that happened after she left.


My uncle's house that he was building fell down(from the top to the foundation) 5 times and he became indebted to cooperatives, his second child a son went through series of operation before he lived, although he's still not healthy.

But where did my uncle wrong his first wife? He didn't send her away abi if he were her brother would she wish he didn't have children in life? If she had succeeded in having a baby with one of her concubines (I knew of one when I went visiting her that time) would she not have left my uncle or worse still, give my uncle a bastard?


Till now, that man has still not recovered from the aftermath, he's 60 and his first born is only 10 years old. Mamalettes when praying for your kids, pray that they marry the bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh so their journey can be smooth in life.



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