How To Get Your Kids To Clean Up Their Toys By Themselves

Children don't mind putting their toys anywhere in the house, in fact, many parents have stepped on toys or tripped on them at some point or the other.

As tidiness is not a watchword for children, it now falls on us as parents to ensure that they clear up their toys after playing with them. As we have our hands full won't it be great if our kids can clean their toys themselves?

Here are some tricks to get your toddler to clean up their toys;

1. Designate a play area

Find a corner in your house for your child to play, pack all the toys and put them there, that way, they won't throw toys all over the house when they start playing.

2. Assign a tidy up time

Assign a particular time for tidying up each day, help them and while you are doing the cleaning, sing songs to make it fun. If you do this often, your child will start taking the initiative to clean up without you reminding him or her.

3. Set rules

Tell your child not to pick another toy until they've placed the previous one back where it belongs, this will ensure that the house is not scattered with toys all over. Also, ensure they know they can't be throwing their toys all around the house.

4. Clean their toys while bathing

The fastest way to get the toys clean is to scrub them while giving your child a bath, you can get your child a brush so she can help with the cleaning, it will be fun.

5. Have limited toys 

Your child only needs a limited amount of toys or they'll just become cluttered around the house, if your child has many toys already, store some away and hand it over to them gradually, don't give them all at once. Remove the spoilt toys and those that your child aren't using again, give them out if necessary.

6. Give out toys

While your child has more toys than they need, there are kids out there who don't, encourage your children to donate to the needy, take the toys to charity organisations and give them out.

7. Offer rewards

After your child has done a good job of clearing their toys, reward them and they'll want to do it again.

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