Steps To Take When Your Child Is Bitten In Daycare

When mothers complain that a child has been biting their child in daycare the response they get from other mothers is ''tell your child to bite back" but is this the best way to handle the situation? I bet you, there are other better ways to handle such a case.

Before you read, explore the responses given to a father who sent us a question on this same subject.

My 14 month old son just started daycare in September and there are about 15 other children in his class. Just before...

Posted by Mamalette on Monday, January 9, 2017

Note that, the "animal" is the child who has been biting his son in daycare and although most moms would advice that he withdraw his child or teach his son to bite the child back. Here's my take on the matter;

If you advice your child to hit back when bitten or bullied by other children in daycare, what happens when a bigger child beats him back? If he fights back as you always advice, the bully may end up beating your child to pulp for standing up against him.

As to taking your child to another daycare, what if it becomes a case of from frying pan to fire? Since you never know what awaits your child in the next daycare you're taking him to.

So the first thing you need to do is have a talk with the teacher in charge of your child and make them keep an eye on your child and keep the bully and him apart so he can't tear at his face again.

Call your child's teacher every time your child comes home with a proof that he has been bitten or hit in school and explain why hitting is not allowed as it's affecting your child. He doesn't like coming to daycare, comes home crying or looking miserable all of which aren't good signs.

If after all this, the biting or hitting persists you need to talk to the management about how the teacher has failed to find a permanent solution to solving the problem, one of the solution the school administration usually proffer is having a talk with the bully or biter's parents that if their child continues like that, they might have to take their child from the school.

If you don't want this, then immediately your child's teacher is unable to find a solution, take your child to another daycare. The daycare should be one that's not so crowded where they'd be able to keep an eye on all the children. Read 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Daycare

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