7 Fertility Mistakes Couples Trying To Conceive Often Make

When trying to conceive couples sometimes make some fertility mistakes such as having sex too much or not having it at the right time, assuming the problem is with the woman and holding on to some habits that may delay conception. Check this list of things couples do wrongly when trying to conceive to see if you’re guilty of any;

1. Wrong timing

Having intercourse without a clear idea of when you are most fertile may not yield any positive result. Your fertile window is 4 days to your ovulation day and that’s the best time to try meanwhile in order to figure out the exact day you are ovulating, you need to count back 14 days from the day you started your period but that’s if your period is regular. If it’s not, use ovulation predictor to help you.

2. Waiting too long before seeing a fertility specialist

After a year (6 months if you’re over 35) of trying to conceive without success, it’s always advised that you see a fertility doctor but if during that one year of trying you experience painful or heavy period, have a history of STD, your period is shorter than 25 days or longer 35 days or you feel hot from within it’s better you see your doctor ASAP to get things checked out.

3.  Living an unhealthy life

If you’re trying to conceive and you or your husband are still living unhealthy then you need to change. When trying to conceive you need to avoid sugar and soft drinks, caffeine, smoking and drinking and eat balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The woman should take foods with healthy fats and the man should quit wearing tight undies. Read Foods to avoid when trying to conceive 

4.  Timing sex for ovulation day only

You need to start having intercourse 4 to 6 days before ovulation because chances are, your ovulation might come one or two days before or after you think it will besides sperm can live in your body for 24-48 hours after sex so if you ovulate it will still get fertilised.

5.  Having sex all day

Much as you want to up your chances 0f getting pregnant, having too much sex can reduce your man’s sperm count. Once you’ve timed your ovulation have sex a week leading to it and other days but not every day!

6.  Assumption

Most times when couples are facing fertility issues, the focus is on the woman but in 40% of the time, the problem is with the man. Conducting fertility tests to find out where the problem lies is important.

7. Waiting too long to try

Couples sometimes focus on building a career, saving up, building a house and such dreams while they put their hopes of having children on hold forgetting that the biological clock is ticking. By the time they are finally ready it might be harder than they ever imagined it will be. The truth is the older a woman gets, the more her fertility reduces.



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