6 Ways To Deal With Difficult Toddlers

Children like getting their way and when they don't they change tactics, throw tantrums, cry, squeal and draw everyone's attention so you'd have no choice than be blackmailed into doing what they want.

What my son does is, knock his head against the wall, I would be so scared he'll hurt himself I'll quickly grant the blackmailer his request, it worked so he kept doing it, until his father got the idea of holding on to him until he  stops.

I can't even hold him when they are throwing tantrums, it's like they have this super powers that they bring on into their fight for what they want.  Here are ways to handle your child's temper tantrum; 

1. Keep him busy 

When toddlers are bored, all they want to do is make your life miserable, they are bored, you also have to be worked up. Get them doing little chores like taking the dishes to the kitchen after a meal, painting with crayon, dancing, reading and building toys.


2. Diversion tactics 

When your child is screaming and threatening to break down the house, don't pay attention, divert their attention. You can suddenly start dancing, watching his favourite video, play educational games with his other siblings and your child will be forced to come join in the fun.

3. Don't give in to tantrums 

If you give in to a tantrum once, you have set the pace. From that moment on, throwing tantrum will be their way of trying to get what they want, ignore them. When their throat starts hurting and they see they aren't getting your attention they'll stop, but if they are hurting themselves, you can hold on to them or lock them in.


4. Be attentive to them

When they have something to say, listen, even though it's a talk about how the pot is black, if you don't, you know what'll come up next.

5. Be their playmate 

Toddlers usually throw tantrums to get attention, and they don't care if it's a positive or negative, as long as they get your attention. So give it to them before they start asking forcefully, play with them, take them out to the park, indoor games, and some other sports will do just fine for them.

6. Make sure they get enough sleep

When toddlers don't get enough sleep they become cranky and irritable, when they sleep they have more energy and will laugh and play more.

Toddlers can actually be sweet, but I must confess you rarely see their sweet part like you do the mean one.



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