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Habits During Pregnancy That Can Cultivate To Make Your Baby Smarter

Everybody would agree that a baby’s life starts right from conception, everything your baby would be can be need to grow into a successful individual can be molded right from conception. The moment you get pregnant you become responsible for another human being’s wellbeing. Do you also know that even during pregnancy the mother can […]

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83 Children Have Been Used By Boko Haram As Suicide Bombers

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) has decried the use of children, mainly girls, as suicide bombers by Boko Haram in North East Nigeria, describing the practice as an “atrocity”. The terror group had for several years been using children to attack crowded markets, mosques and camps for internally displaced people in North East Nigeria […]


I Never Knew My Father's Death Would Affect My Marriage

The day started like any other with a few footsteps and whispers and the sound of my alarm clock. Of course, I didn’t get up. Do you know a single teenager who willingly gets out of bed? So instead, I tossed and turned. I buried my face beneath the blanket.  Just five more minutes, I […]


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