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Things To Take Note Of When Choosing A Daycare For Your Child

Most working class mother would tell you that the key to them being able to keep their sanity when working is having a good childcare/ daycare center to take their child. Most mothers take their children to a particular daycare center based on referral from other moms that also use or have used the daycare […]


Child Born With HIV In Remission After 9 Years Of Not Using HIV Drugs

According to new reports,  a nine-year-old child from South Africa has been living with HIV in remission for almost nine years without continuing the use of HIV drugs. Researchers say this is the third case of prolonged HIV remission after early treatment. The study adds to new but growing evidence that early treatment of HIV in children, […]


How To Tell If Your Child Is Tongue Tied And How To Correct It

Growing up, I remember my youngest brother being tongue tied, the sad part was we did not notice it until he was about a year old. At first we just thought he was just a late talker but it was getting worrisome as months went by, probably because he was already a very active child […]


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