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My Wife Just Died From Eclampsia During Childbirth

My wife just died from eclampsia during childbirth. She was a lawyer and had just turned 25, this was our first child, and she was very healthy all through the pregnancy but in a few weeks before delivery, she started having swollen ankles, high blood pressure and protein in her urine. The doctor and nurses […]


Tips To Help You Ensure Your Child Is Potty Trained Successfully

It is always a very big relief when a child is finally potty trained as it saves the mom the stress of wearing a diaper for the child and also saves money from not having to buy diapers. Potty training can be difficult and messy and it requires a lot of patience. Here are ways […]


New Parent? See The Revised Nigerian Immunization Schedule

When babies are born, they inherit specific types of antibodies from their mothers. These antibodies help them fend off different diseases. The antibodies are also nature's way of protecting babies when they're most vulnerable. However, starting around six months of age, these antibodies start to diminish, and almost completely disappear by the time your baby […]

Health & Fitness

What to Expect Post Delivery: Lochia (Normal Bleeding and Discharge)

Most people think pregnancy and delivery is all there is to bringing a child into this world but even post delivery a lot of changes occur to your body that is usually very strange but very normal. One of this changes that is very temporary is called Lochia. Medical Dictionary defines lochia as the bloody […]


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